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Giger Alien Model

Well, I suppose it's time I started letting people know that I can actually do something with 3d, and not just talk about it! So now I'm posting updates to my current work in progress, an alien, from the movie trillagy Alien, Aliens, and Alien3. I estimate it'll take me several weeks to make this, maybe even a little more than a month, since I love making my model detailed, ( I don't like the work involved to make it, but I hate simple models.) Just in case you didn't know, I'm using mh3d v.5.25i to make this, though I might start using am98beta more, so long as it's stable enough, as far as I know, it's pretty stable as it is. I'll be posting updates, and other views as I go along.

Nolan Holladay


_____________________________ Friday, Feb 28, 98

Ok, now I've gotten the spine part fleshed out, and here's another view of the model from the left side. I also fixed the mouth a little more, and brought the jaw and lower lip back and up a bit, but I can see already that it'll need a little more adjusting still. the jaw looks just a little too long still. I brought the sides of the upper lip back, so that the middle of the upper lip is forward from the rest, more the way the actuall aliens are. (to me they DO exist) I also pulled the upper membrane above the upper lip down more, which also is more accurate, and thickened the bottom of the membrane a little too. I'll try to render a more up to date model in the same view as the top pic and put that on here too as a comparison so you can see the difference. I'll be working on the teeth soon, and the inner mouth. _____________________________ Tuesday, Feb 24, 98

This pic is of the head, since that's all the more I have done. I'm still adjusting the cp's on the backside of the dome of the head, and underneath that part as well, and I have yet to attach all the splines, and create all the patches needed for the spine part that sticks out from the neck, but I should have that done by tonight and on to the the mouth. Since it doesn't have any teeth, or the inner mouth yet, I definately need to work on that before I can go on beyond the the head and neck. I'll also be starting to work on the ligaments and tendons that show on the side of the jaw externally. Since this is only my second project in mh3d, I haven't read all the tutes on body modelling, so I'm not entirely sure how to go about it when I get there, I'm sure I'll have to add more splines, and use hooks to get them. If you happen to know of any particular meathods that'll make life easier in learning how do model a body, I'd appreciate e-mail. I'm also going to be needing to show ribs, I'm sure a rather more complicated modelling task. I have an idea how to go about this, but I'm not sure it'll work the way I want. If you have any ideas, please let me know.