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I'm going to put up tons of pictures on here soon, these are only a few. I'm going to have lots and lots of pics of Alaskan sunsets and mountains and such from around here that we've taken from time to time. I've even found a few pictures we took from up in a plane of my town, ('cept you can't tell there's a town there, cause it's in the mountains, and too far away in the pic, but it's still cool) I'll also make the pics a different kinda file that loads really fast, cause these pics on this page are huge files for bein' on here... sowwy!! =\

hehe, this is one of two pics of me and my church's guy's volleyball team. Might be a silly question, but can you tell which one is me? you'd betta be able to!! hehe (hint: the studly one on the bottom near the middle left....... hehe) also, those pics on the shirts, I designed them, (a professional guy who worked for the T-shirt company cleaned it up a bit.. mine was only a sketch with a color scheme... ) but it nearly looks the same as what I designed. =) cool!

what can I say?? Boys will be boys!! LOL actually, you'll notice the lack of enthusiasm in a lot of 'em...... (you'll also notice the lack of a lack of enthusiasm in me!!! hahaha) Actually, I think it was a lady who told us to do all of that anyways... (seriously!!) hehe whatever... we had a good time down there in Seattle, one of the better trips I've had.

This is my dog..... er.... was my dog A-jay. We had to give him away because we couldn't take good enough care of him. Being that he's an Aussie shepherd, he needed tons of room to romp around in and run, we just have a large yard, but only a small fenced in area, so he and his sister didn't get much room to move in. =( so sad!!! I miss them a lot, as you can see... they are beautiful dogs! I haven't seen them since either. =(

I can't seem to find any pics of just Coco by herself, but got a few with her in them... I think we lost the individual pics of her =\ and of course, I'm in this pic with 'em too... got another one I'll scan today hopefully that's almost the same, but you can see my face better in it.

LOL this is pretty hilarious!! This is the costume I made/wore to our church's costume dance. I'm not one to show up wearing a bee suit, or some other lame sorta deal to such things, I always have to make whatever it is I'm going to wear. hehe, dunno why... just me I guess. And yes! I did use costume makeup to blend that mask into my face.... that messy, stinky, latex stuff.. hehe I even had that "laser" sight (ie. little flashlight with a red filter and a black cover with a little hole in the middle...) hooked up to a switch that was in my elbow, and I'd rub it against my hip, and turn it on and off!!! LOL I'm pretty proud of myself for that little deal!! took a lot to get that stupid lil gizmo to work!! hahaha, I still can't believe I ever got it to work! oh, and that gray thing on the right side of the picture sticking up.... that's my "busted" off cyborg arm, complete with wires protruding and everything!! (too bad I couldn't have gotten it to spark!! that would've been cool!)Anyways... notice the scrawny neck? =\ oh well..